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Alex Porter is back!

FEATURED  (Book 1, 2d Ed.)

Solemnly Swear 2nd Ed Kindle cover.jpg
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What if a man witnesses the brutal murder of a mafia boss' wife, by the mafia boss himself, subsequently receives bribes and threats not to testify--including a bomb wired to his car--only to find there is someone more sinister that wants him dead?

"The plot is unique... the pace is fast... the direction is unpredictable... and the final pages are shocking. What a great book with which to spend a weekend!"

— Claudia Pemberton, Author of Love Leads the Way

"When Joe Porrazzo whips out the plot twists from Alex Porter's brain, Solemnly Swear kicks some serious butt...the final chapters and the ending are five-star-excitement quality!"  

— Floyd M. Orr, Author of Timeline of America

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Following the award-winning mystery thriller, SOLEMNLY SWEAR... DELIBERATE DECEPTION heralds the return of Alex Porter; a retired Air Force OSI Agent turned private investigator, in another heart-pounding Joe Porrazzo suspense thriller.

“Readers looking for a thriller that grabs hold and doesn't let go will find Deliberate Deception just the ticket for a superior and satisfying blend of psychological detail and suspense.”

- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


“…excellent story…fast paced, action packed…adrenaline pumping, and heart-pounding sequences…”

- The International Review of Books


“Politics, terrorism, and greed together create a story that is filled with unexpected twists and turns…a fast pace and engrossing plot. Once begun, it's nearly impossible to put down.”

- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


“The narrative voice is clean, making the story easy to read and follow. Excellent word choices and visual pros made for an amazing read like I was really there in the midst of the action.”

- The International Review of Books


“Joe Porrazzo's attention to detail flushes out Alex's personality, motivations, and conundrums to create not just compelling action scenes, but a character who is completely realistic and likeable.”

- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review



Book Critic Acclaim for

Deliberate Deception

“Wow, I never saw that coming.” Just when I thought I was figuring things out, a plot twist hit me – not once, but over and over. Deliberate Deception is an apt title.

Joe Porrazzo knows how to draw the reader into the story and never let go until the last page. Even then, questions arise to pique one’s interest for the forthcoming third book in the Alex Porter Trilogy.

The author stirs politics, crime, greed, and love into the pot and delivers a good read. Good versus evil seems a clear concept until it becomes muddied. Porrazzo gives us an outstanding portrayal of one man’s reaction to morality, immorality, and amorality. Can the lines really blur, or is a clear-cut answer always the right one?

Can love flourish amid deception? Can the sins of the past be forgiven? Alex Porter wrestles with these questions as he races against the clock to stop an unknown killer from an unspecified crime.

The action in Deliberate Deception is non-stop, the dialogue is crisp, and the characters are realistic. It’s the kind of story that leaves the reader wondering what he would have done.

 — Pat Avery, Author of Consequence

Book Critic Acclaim for

Solemnly Swear

Joe Porrazzo’s debut novel is an accomplished first effort.

Solemnly Swear takes the reader on an exciting, top-down and pedal-to-the-metal ride in a Mercedes SL…and the story flows effortlessly toward its excellent ending.


Joe Porrazzo has clearly written what he knows best. The author is a retired U. S. Air Force officer and the experience shows clearly in the composition of Solemnly Swear. The editing of Solemnly Swear is up in the stratosphere with the best. Although I love the taut editing, Joe Porrazzo's compositional style could easily have retained my interest through twice the page count. Solemnly Swear is a very technically competent book, certainly professional enough to sit with its peers on the Barnes and Noble shelf.


I know what you're thinking at this point: Come on, Mr. Nitpicky Book Critic, drop the other shoe. Surprise! The second shoe boots Solemnly Swear into the five-star bracket!

As Alex Porter begins to defog his brain and take the offensive against his mobile captors, the author picks up the pace and heads for the goal line…the final chapters and the ending are five-star-excitement quality!


Don't you dare pick up this book and begin reading in the middle, particularly toward the end! You will seriously regret spoiling the story for yourself. When Joe Porrazzo whips out the plot twists from Alex Porter's brain, Solemnly Swear kicks some serious butt.


— Floyd M. Orr, Author of Timeline of America

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